Tires for Large Oilfield Vehicles

One of the toughest conditions imaginable for a truck is oil field work. From collector tanks at oil sites to special disposal sites, these oil field trucks move from one point to another hauling different materials. The problem however is not what it hauls, but rather where it hauls. Such trucks usually cover large distances over ragged terrain often associated with country roads. Such punishing conditions therefore require more than just your average truck tire. This is where tires for large oil field vehicles specifically designed for severe service come in.


Toughest Terrain for Tires

These tires undergo severe service application meaning that they are designed for on/off highway use. Since oil field trucks are constantly stopping, starting, twisting and turning, their tires experience the highest amount of application stress compared to tires used in normal vehicles. The road on which these tires operate are usually unpaved and rocky therefore also contributing to a higher degree of surface aggression.

Compared to on-highway tires or tires used in normal vehicles, tires for large oil field vehicles are of the belt package and the tread. The belt package means that these tires are more flexible allowing them to adjust better to the demanding conditions. This design keeps the tires firmly on the ground thereby enveloping objects instead of just hitting them. On-highway tires normally use less flexible belt designs for better wear and less rolling resistance. Therefore, they cannot be used on an oil filed truck that often goes off-road. All that resistance to uneven surfaces and objects will eventually shorten tread life.

All in the Design

G741-truck-tireWhen it comes to tread design, on/off highway tires for oil field trucks tend to be designed toward cut- and chip-resistance. In many applications, these tires are subjected to tough conditions and a suitable the tread should be able to survive in such conditions and not cut all the way through to the steel. The aim is to have a casing that is retread-able.

Tires for large oil filed trucks can also give more mileage of between 55,000 to 60,000 which is exceptionally good considering the terrain. Besides, traction is a major issue in working in oil fields. With their increased durability, the tires are therefore ideal for off-road projects and even. Though they compound more and more for improved highway mileage especially on improved roads, tires for large oil field vehicles still come with the added benefit of cut and chip resistance, traction, flexibility and durability of the overall casing.