Ideas For Effective Escape Room Business From Number One Las Vegas

Escape rooms are interesting places that you can have lots of fun. Escape room ideas allow users to work within a manageable budget regardless of the size of the room you may have. There are various games that you can play to make the whole experience more thrilling.

Part one: common puzzle themes?

These are themes that demand the use of many escape rooms. From this, you adopt a variety of ideas. The strategy makes the result regarding room quality spectacular. Additionally, there are a few technicalities to handle when implementing the escape room ideas. The common themes allow you to explore many ideas for a quality room. They include the following:

1. What is the total number of colors do you need for pictures?

You can use gummy bear count approach to come up with a desirable escape room. It gives you the following; four white, four yellow, six red, five green and two orange. From this, you can invent a combination which includes red, yellow, orange green to create a code, 6245.

It is incredible how you can play around with the different color combinations to come up with a charming d├ęcor. It applies if you are an expert when it comes to designing escape rooms. It is simple how the colors correspond to the four numbers in the code. Just like a kid in kindergarten, all you got to do is count and master your escape room ideas to come to a realization.

2. How do you convert coded text into an understandable message?

You just need to be smart to decipher the standard codes. With this, you get to blend the themes for the games depending on the colors you choose. The codes you are likely to use are ASCII Binary, Caesar Cipher, Morse codes, Pigpen Cipher and much more.

Morse code applies in almost all escape room ideas once put in readable texts. It uses flashing lights and audios when converting the coded versions into plain text messages. However, you need a sheet to refer to because the information on standard codes is not easy for players to remember.

3. How do you get information in the text?

Maintain the relevance of the game by having an exciting storyline and the theme. You can do this in many ways. Most people always achieve this by using colors or highlights for some parts of the plaintexts. With this, the gamers will have it easy by relating the game to the texts. It is interesting how the words represent objects found in the escape rooms.

You get to make the games enjoyable by unveiling a hidden plain text that the players should read uniquely. Like for example, hiding each 5th word in a text which gets to glow against any source of light is an exciting way to go about it. With that, players can identify the unknown information in the text.

4. Can a blacklight also reveal the message?

It can be beneficial if you shine it against the wall of an escape room. Revealing the messages becomes easy when you put them on the wall of the escape room. The puzzles thus become easy to solve because the words are easily visible when the player’s channel blacklight in that direction. Sometimes the blacklight might not be strong enough hence you will need a more visible paint.

5. How do you solve the puzzles?

You should focus on the odd places to discover the hidden objects. Players now have an ample opportunity to explore the books in the escape rooms. The escape rooms have sections such as book safe, coat pockets, pillars and much more. These are familiar places where you do not need to look. Try areas like the back of the wall in the escape rooms, beneath the floorboards and much more.

6. How do you find items hidden far beyond your reach?

You should use this approach when the game has puzzle themes for prison escape room setting. Most of the time, the players get to look for a lost key. The keys are usually behind bars. Players should, therefore, use long sticks, a string tied to a magnet or any other tool to help them grab the tool. The magnet attracts the steel rings which hold the keys together because a key with no rings does not attract the magnet.

7. How to perfect your skills by solving puzzles daily?

You can use playing cards or other types of games with critical puzzles. Shuffle the common patterns and let your players solve the puzzles by finding the right order in which they should appear. You can also involve other mechanisms like cracking combination codes for incomplete puzzles. Solving the puzzle piece by piece helps you understand the process while improving your gaming skills. In the end, you get to find the right order in puzzles like tangram or jigsaw puzzles.

Part two: Alternative Locking Mechanisms

The locks exist almost everywhere, and hence most people get to use them all the time. But you have other options to explore. You need to be knowledgeable in electronics for you to understand the mechanisms to use.

1. How to solve the puzzle by unveiling a combination lock?

There is a love bridge which has a variety of combined locks. But mostly, you will find four coded locks in escape rooms. The words contain five letters. There are also directional locks which help players to decode the digits for the right lock.

Sometimes, the words with five letters act as locks especially for escape rooms with magic themes. From this, the players can guess the words for the hidden text messages. Nonetheless, it is more accurate to imagine one of the digits of the four codes than just guessing words.

2. How do you use magnetic locks?

The same scenario where you find a hidden key applies in magnetic locks approach. The only difference is that you choose the exact location for accuracy while opening the door. Technology makes it flexible by offering an appropriate theme. For starters in the game, you should use the Official Arduino Starter Kit. With this, you will find it easy to find and open the hidden doors by pressing the buttons on some red switch.

3. How can you locate escape rooms without pre-existing knowledge?

Provide your customers with a trivia to replace the technique of using guesswork to find the appropriate hidden words. Additionally, you can also avail riddles for your clients to use in finding the themes for playing the games. You can combine the riddle with arithmetic to advance the experience of the players in solving puzzle themes. Ensure that the puzzle has a direction to avoid frustrating the players of the game.

4. Recommend measures to improve safety in safe houses?

You can invent electrical outlets which are fake to implement safety. It is advisable not to hide clues in places such as ceilings. The move will minimise the risks that you expose to people playing games in the safe house.


As an entrepreneur, explore numerous ideas for you to have a fantastic escape room venture. Make the puzzle themed-game easy to play and afford. With this, you assure your customers of an incredible gaming experience.

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